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Phoenix warning drivers of new potholes

PHOENIX — The City of Phoenix is warning drivers to take to the road with care, as the rainy weather has taken a toll on city streets.

“The rain definitely deteriorates the road,” said Jack Noble, Street Maintenance Superintendent for the City of Phoenix. “You have a little hole, the rain gets in, a tire hits it, the pothole will continue to open up, fray out and get bigger and bigger.”

Currently, 100 percent of his workforce is working to patch up the road. On an average day, there are about four workers dealing with potholes.

Noble encourages drivers to avoid the outside lanes, since water tends to accumulate there and the chances of actually hitting a pothole are increased. He also urges you to never drive in water.

“If you hit one, you could get a flat tire or cause serious damage to your car.”

The City of Phoenix has a Maintenance Dispatch Line where drivers can report potholes, trees, branches, flooded streets or other road hazards at (602) 262-6441.