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Phoenix police report says officer-involved shootings on decline

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — Shootings involving Phoenix police officers are on the decline, a department report said.

The report said the city averages slightly more than 21 officer-involved shootings annual. By October 2014, that number was 17 and dropped to 13 thus far in 2015.

“We are one of the safest major metropolitan cities in the United States when it comes to officer-involved shootings,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Trent Crump said.

“In 2014, I will share with you that the New York Police Department had 40 officer-involved shootings, Los Angeles had 30, Chicago had 45, Houston had 35, Philadelphia had 29,” he continued.

The report showed there were 30 shootings involving police in 2013, but Crump said that was an anomaly.

The report also gave a statistical breakdowns of shootings, including the race and gender of officers involved compared to the makeup of the police force:

Race, ethnicity or gender Percent of Phoenix officers Percentage of officers involved in shootings
White 76 72
Hispanic/Latino 16 20
Black/African-American 4 3
Other 4 5
Male 87 97
Female 13 3


It also gave the race and gender of suspects shot at by officers compared to the city’s demographics:

Race, ethnicity or gender Percent of Phoenix population Percentage in officer-involved shootings
White 37 33
Hispanic/Latino 41 53
Black/African-American 7 10
Other 16 4
Male 50.5 95
Female 49.5 5
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