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Toddler hitches a ride with an unlikely driver — Daisy the dog

A dog and a toddler? It doesn’t get too much cuter than that.

A very unconventional driver — a Maltese-Chihuahua mix named Daisy — chauffeurs a child in a toy car in this adorable video.

Though it appears Daisy is in control of the toy car, the woman responsible for the video, Jessica Wolf, explained in the video’s description the toy car is remote-controlled.

She wrote neither Daisy nor the toddler could reach the car’s pedals, but Daisy can be credited with the steering precision.

“Yes, she is really steering it to the left. I steer it to the right… she steers back to the left,” Wolf wrote.

Will there be a canine-operated ride-sharing company in the future? Daisy, we’re looking at you.

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