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Toddlers found in filth, feces in Phoenix apartment

A Phoenix couple was arrested Jan. 20 after two toddlers were found in their apartment surrounded by garbage, fecal matter and drugs.

Phoenix Police Office James Holmes said neighbors of the apartment near 48th St. and Baseline called police complaining of a strong smell and were concerned about children seen in the apartment.

“Not only were the 3- and 4-year old children in dirty diapers, but the house was a complete mess: food that had mold growing on it, there was feces everywhere in the apartment, on the walls, on the floors.”

Holmes said the apartment was missing carpet and all the toilets and sinks were clogged.

“It was just absolutely disgusting to the point that it actually made the officers sick,” he said.

Marijuana was found in the apartment, along with drug paraphernalia.

The mother of the toddlers, Kona Erbe, was arrested on child abuse charges and her boyfriend, Randal Bresaw, was arrested on child abuse and drug charges.

The toddlers are in the care of Child Protective Services.