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Phoenix nurse arrested on suspicion of having romantic relationship with inmate

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday that deputies have arrested a female nurse who works for Correction Health Services on suspicion that she may have had a romantic relationship with a maximum security inmate while working in the 4th Avenue Jail.

Numerous documented phone calls between 37-year-old Lytonya Hickbottom and an unidentified inmate reveal a relationship between Hickbottom and the inmate, while several naked photographs of Hickbottom were also discovered during a Sept. 29 search of the inmate’s jail cell.

When confronted by detectives from the Sheriff’s Professional Standards Bureau, Hickbottom admitted that she gave photos of herself to a different inmate to pass along to the inmate for whom she is believed to be romantically involved with.  Hickbottom was also found to have posted $100 to the inmate boyfriend’s account, according the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Hickbottom is being detained for promoting prison contraband and is currently awaiting an Internal Affairs court proceeding.

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