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NRA won’t back Arizona bill to limit federal gun control

A National Rifle Association board member said he will not back an Arizona bill designed to limit federal gun control.

According to, Todd Rathner said House Bill 2291 could put a lot of pressure on Arizona gun dealers.

“I worry about putting federal firearms licensees in the middle of a fight between us and the federal government,” he said. “It puts them between a rock and a hard place because they worry about committing a federal crime or a state crime.”

According to Talking Points Memo, House Bill 2291 would make it a felony for an federal employee to enforce federal laws on firearms and ammunition that are produced in Arizona and stay in Arizona.

The bill would also make any new federal laws restricting semi-automatic firearms and magazines, or requiring any form of firearm registration, unenforceable in Arizona.

The bill may not pass, but Arizona Republicans said it is intended to send a message to both the president and Congress. Rathner said he supports the message the bill sends.

Other states, such as Mississippi, Texas and Tennessee are considering similar bills.