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Accused killer’s artwork goes up for sale on eBay

We’ve seen interrogation videos and photos of accused killer Jodi Arias. Now, it appears she’s involved in another visual medium.

The aspiring photographer turned murder defendant has now turned to A seller identified by the username “0817soldierofochrist” is selling colored pencil drawings claiming to be created by Arias.

One drawing titled “Grace Kelly” has attracted bids of at least $300, while another titled “Pisces” has reached nearly $350.

In the seller’s notes section, it reads “Jodi thanks everyone that has helped out during these tough times. Please continue to pray for her family and for Travis’ family.”

Arias faces the death penalty for the murder of her former lover, Travis Alexander. His body was found inside his Mesa home in June 2008, with nearly 30 stab wounds, a gunshot wound to the head and a slit throat. Arias is claiming she killed him in self-defense.