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Flu vaccine demand high, supply low across Arizona

PHOENIX — Suddenly the flu vaccine is in more demand than an iPhone 5.

Health officials report that 85 percent of the vaccine supply in the United States has been delivered and administered, which leaves a small amount in the pipeline.

Arizona hasn’t escaped the stampede for the vaccine.

“Folks that are now saying, ‘I never did get that flu vaccine,’ are trying to find it now. They may find it, but it’s just getting more and more difficult,” said Will Humble, director of the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Students at one of the state’s public universities will have a difficult time getting vaccinated on campus.

Vaccine supply at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff has been depleted and officials are recommending students find the vaccine at local clinics or pharmacies.

Downstate at the University of Arizona in Tucson, health officials are awaiting delivery of a few dozen doses.

“It’s because of the overwhelming demand due to the overwhelming prevalence of influenza this year,” said Eric Anger, pharmacy manager at Arizona State University’s Health Service Center.

Anger reports the school still has a small supply of the vaccine.