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Classrooms in Glendale get big boost

(Photo by Jeff White/Invision for H&R Block/AP Images)

Fifty classroom projects for kids in Glendale were paid for by Extra Yard for Teacher Awareness Week. It’s part of the college football national championship happening in Glendale in January.

“They announced that 53 projects in 31 schools across Glendale will be fully funded,” said Jim Cummings with the Glendale Elementary School District. “

In all, the Arizona Organizing Committee and College Football Playoff Organization plan to provide $1 million dollars in charitable contributions, as part of Extra Yard for Teachers. With the majority going to benefit education in Arizona.

“The projects funded range from new school supplies, to books, technology, field trips and science experiment kits,” he said.

Teachers spend a lot of their own money for things like this, and to come through like this for us, is just incredible, he said. They’re spending more than $35 thousand to fund these projects and they will impact more than 15 thousand students across our city.