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Photos of teachers walking students home getting well-deserved recognition

It’s a walk fresh in the minds of working parents everywhere – the walk students take every day from school back home where just, oh so many things can happen.

Teachers at a Memphis school decided to make that walk a little less scary and bond with their students at the same time by accompanying them on the journey.

Tabitha Tudy Jones, an area resident, saw this touching ritual Sept. 28 and decided to post a photo of one of the teachers, Carl Schneider, to Facebook. The photo has since garnered over 2,000 likes and 800 shares.


The school, Whitney Achievement Elementary School posted additional photos of Schneider and his colleagues, Kevin Sullivan, Auriel Rolle-Polk, Allison Thompson, Valeria Bostick who together walk 200 students home every day.


“This is just part of my routine, and it’s something that I look forward to so I was kind of surprised,” Schneider told Fox13 “At the same time, I’m also really glad that people know the teachers in this community are really invested in the community.”

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