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Sweet Home…Phoenix? Census data shows Chicagoans likely to relocate to Valley

(Facebook/Chicago Skyline is beautiful)

PHOENIX — The Valley is one of the most likely spots a Chicagoan will move to within a year of relocating from the Windy City, according to a recent report from

Between 2009 to 2013, more than 7,000 Chicagoans relocated to Phoenix, making the Valley the second-highest metropolitan area in the country to take in Second City residents.

But, really, can you blame them?

Leaving the cold, brutal Chicago winters:

For weather that can only be compared to actual paradise:

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(But you can’t beat that Chicago skyline.)

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And with the possible relocation of the deep-dish pizza classic Lou Malnati’s to the Valley, it seems like the Chicagoans just won’t stop coming.

So, fellow Phoenicians, let’s open our arms wide and welcome our fellow Chicagoans to the Valley (Even if they are White Sox fans) and show them what Phoenix is all about!

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