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Elementary school starts Monday right with dance party

Ugh, Mondays, are we right?

Few people like going into the office on Monday. After all, you just had a (hopefully) blissful 48 hours of freedom that involved doing things you want, not doing things you have to.

It’s hard to shake that lackadaisical feeling that can set in, especially after that second cup of coffee wears off. Doing physical activity helps, but that can be hard to do in an office setting, particularly if you want to avoid that look from Bryant in accounting.

But at Stephens Elementary School, they get things started on the right foot. Instead of allowing students to wander about aimlessly while they try to stay awake for school, some teachers lead them in a big dance party and even welcome new bus arrivals with music.

While we doubt your office can be convinced to do this at the start of every work week, it would be funny to laugh at Bryant shaking it out to Pitbull’s “Fireball.”

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