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Wounded MCSO deputy’s family appreciates public’s concern

PHOENIX — As 49-year-old sheriff’s deputy Ruben Garcia remains hopsitalized in intensive care after a shooting, the dangers of his job have hit home with his family.

“Up till today we never really took in mind the risks that my brother has gone through and all … fellow officers that work with him,” said older brother Alifonzo Garcia on Wednesday.

“We want everybody to know we’re deeply touched with everybody’s concern.”

Ruben Garcia was shot early Tuesday as he approached a pickup truck near 83rd Avenue and Deer Valley Road in Peoria. He was responding to a call from a woman reporting her ex-boyfriend was threatening her and himself.

The suspect, Donald Miller, 54, of Peoria, took off, but police quickly caught him. Miller died in his truck. It’s unclear whether he shot himself or died during a shootout with deputies.