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Arizona lawmaker calls for tighter gun measures, more resources

Phoenix — House Minority leader Chad Campbell said it is time for an adult conversation and real solutions when it comes to keeping children safe at school.

Campbell (D-Phoenix) outlined several proposals he will push during the upcoming legislative session, which begins Monday.

Campbell will ask lawmakers for $100 million to put more resource officers, mental health counselors, and technology such as video surveillance on campuses.

“I hope today is the beginning of a rational conversation around this,” he said.

Campbell opposes the idea of arming teachers in the schools.

Andrew Morrill with the Arizona Education Association backs Campbell’s proposal.

“You don’t reduce campus violence in Arizona or anywhere else by increasing firearms on campus.”

Campbell announced that he will also push for tighter gun measures. He would like to see mandatory background checks at gun shows and stricter measures to keep those who are mentally ill from having access to weapons.

“The gun show loophole has been allowed to exist for far too long and there’s no rationale to defend it any longer.

“Once someone has been … evaluated and found to be mentally ill, they can’t buy a weapon or get the weapon back until they have been deemed no longer a threat.”