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January brings jump in divorce filings

PHOENIX — The “happiest time of the year” is over and now it’s one of the busiest for some Valley lawyers.

More divorces are initiated in January than in any other month.

“The volume of calls that I am receiving this time of year is a dramatic increase from what I experience on a day-to-day basis” said Kaine Fisher, head of the Family Law Department at Rose Law Group.

Stress can be to blame as the added pressures during the holidays can amplify existing trouble at home. Also, many couples wait until the holidays are over to spare children the pain.

“We want to keep families together, but sometimes it’s inevitable,” said Fisher. “It’s not healthy for the children, for the parties and once they make that very difficult decision, that what I am there.”

Fisher encourages couples to explore their options first. If divorce is the only answer, he advises each person to secure money, know what their assets are and talk to their own attorney.