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Denver radio host thinks Mike McCoy is good fit for Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are continuing the hunt for their next head coach and one man they plan to interview is Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy.

A Denver broadcaster thinks McCoy might be a good fit for the Cards. Peter Burns with Mile High Sports Radio said McCoy has proven he can deal with a team’s quarterback issues.

“You’ve seen the difference between Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow,” he said. “He led both of those teams to pretty successful offensive years. Hey, listen, maybe there’s a way that Kevin Kolb and that Arizona quarterback position can be fixed. If there’s a person who can do that, McCoy has shown that he definitely had the talent to do that here in Denver.”

Burns said that if McCoy takes the Arizona job, Broncos fans may not miss him that much.

“Bronco fans feel that with Peyton Manning as quarterback, an offensive coordinator just needs to be there to kind of babysit,” he said. “Broncos fans are deathly afraid of losing defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, who has turned this Broncos defense into a good squad, and, arguably, maybe the best defense in the NFL.”

At least three other NFL teams are interested in McCoy possibly becoming their next head coach. Burns gave the Cardinals a 50-50 chance of luring him to Arizona, but he said the Cardinals may have one advantage over the other teams.

“With Larry Fitzgerald, I think any offensive coordinator-minded coach would love to know that he can go to a situation where Kevin Kolb is a good quarterback and Larry Fitzgerald is a guy on the receiving end. That’s definitely a plus for the Arizona Cardinals.”