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Phoenix police reaffirm oath of office

PHOENIX — For the first time in the 131-year history of the Phoenix Police, officers retook the oath of office Thursday morning.

Phoenix City Court chief presiding judge Roxanne Song Ong administered the oath to dozens of officers at City Hall, among them, motor officer Toby Ehrler.

“It is not a burden. It’s a friendly reminder of what we do in our chosen profession and it’s not a bad thing,” he said.

This will be a yearly event for the department. According to the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, some officers believe the ceremony is a waste of time. Erhler said for him it’s an honor.

“This was a special day and everybody will have the opportunity. We look forward to everybody taking part. It was a good day and I enjoyed it,” he said.

Chief Daniel Garcia said he believed Phoenix is the first police agency in America to have officers retake their oaths.