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Phoenix Zoo tiger picks Oregon to win Fiesta Bowl

The Oregon Ducks now have the blessing of a Phoenix tiger.

Hadiah, the Phoenix Zoo’s Sumatran tiger, on Wednesday picked the Oregon Ducks to beat the Kansas State Wildcats in Thursday’s Tostitos Fiesta Bowl football game.

Phoenix Zoo spokeswoman Linda Hardwick explains how Hadiah made her pick.

“We had two cardboard boxes with the logo of each team on them,” she said. “Inside the box, we put the same amount of fish and meat. We button those up, the zoo keeper then goes back inside and releases the tiger into the area. Whichever box the tiger touches first, that’s who the winner of the bowl game is.”

Hadiah touched the Oregon box first, making the Ducks the winner. The tiger then immediately walked over to the Kansas State box, took the food out and devoured it. Several minutes later, she returned to the Oregon box and ate what was inside.

So far, Hadiah has a record of 2-1 in picking bowl game winners, dating back to last year. She correctly predicted Michigan State to win last week’s Buffalo Wild Wings bowl at Sun Devil Stadium.