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Flake: Obama, Congress lack conviction for spending cuts

LISTEN: AZ Senator-Elect Jeff Flake

Senator-elect Jeff Flake is not happy with how elected officials are handling America’s checkbook.

As Washington continues to haggle over the fiscal cliff, Flake said he doesn’t see President Barack Obama nor Congress working to cut spending.

“We’ve drawn and backed away from so many lines in the sand that we’ve run out of beach,” he told News/Talk 92.3 KTAR’s Karie & Chuck on Wednesday. “If we can’t cut spending now, with this looming over our heads, I don’t know when we will.”

Flake said he voted no on the fiscal cliff bargain because is doesn’t address overspending by the government.

“It spends more money than we were before,” he said. “That blows me away that we can face a fiscal cliff and come out with a bill that spends more money.”