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More people getting canned for cursing on job

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — If you’ve lost a job recently, you may have been putting out great work, but how clean was your language?

Some experts said bad language plays at least a role in about four out of every 10 firings.

“Foul language is an indicator of a bigger problem, an attitude that is affecting others on the team and probably affects how successful you are in your profession,” said Theresa Maher with

Maher said your choice of words can definitely damage your chances of moving up at work

“It’s abrasive. You come across as harder and less polished and very much offends some of your co-workers. You’re basically affecting your overall brand as an employee. Things employers are looking for, such as, ‘Do you set a good example? Are you appropriate in the workplace and are you motivating people?'”

Foul language on the job is costing more people a paycheck and a climb up the company ladder. Maher said getting canned might be the least of your worries if you’re cussing at work.

“Depending on the words you use, this could definitely end up in a legal issue if you’re reported to HR.”