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Police: Good chance body found is missing ASU student

On Sunday morning, volunteer searchers discovered a body in the river near Tempe Marketplace.

Tempe police Sgt. Mike Pooley tells KTAR the body was found in the area where a shoe belonging to Jack Culolias was found.

“We believe there’s a good chance this is Jack Culolias,” Pooley said. “Right now, there are no signs of foul play.”

The 19-year-old freshman from California went missing after being kicked out of Cadillac Ranch restaurant and bar in Tempe on November 30. His mother reported him missing on December 2 after fraternity members told her that Jack never returned. She and other family members came to Tempe to search the area and found a shoe belonging to her son.

Despite days of searching the river and land, police found no sign of him. Sgt. Pooley says the weather may be behind Sunday’s discovery.

“What we’re thinking is because of all the rain we’ve been getting, the water level has significantly risen just in the past couple of days,” said Pooley. “So, we’re thinking if this is indeed Jack and if this body was down there it was obviously lodged in between something and the water level has brought it up quite a bit.”

Pooley says the medical examiner will positively identify the body and determine a cause of death.