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Comprehensive immigration reform campaign announced

Arizona has become ground zero for the immigration debate and for that reason the League of United Latin American Citizens picked the state’s capitol to announce a massive, multi-tiered nationwide campaign that will “ensure the support from Congressional leadership for comprehensive immigration reform.”

“The reason why we are here in Arizona is because this is where it all started and this is where we are going to start the beginning of the end of getting comprehensive immigration reform passed,” said LULAC National Executive Director Brent Wilkes.

The campaign, according to LULAC, is organized into three components that includes LULAC’s network of approximately 115,000 grassroots volunteer members organized into 900 councils, a social media element and a billboard promotion.

“It is a long past time for Congress to reform our nation’s immigration policies,” said Arizona Sen. Steve Gallardo in a statement. “I am encouraged that members of Congress are beginning to discuss this issue and this campaign will help make sure we keep the momentum going toward true immigration reform,” he said.

According to LULAC leaders, the campaign’s goals for immigration reform include, “an effective and practical immigration system that provides a pathway to citizenship; accounts for future flow; and reunites families in a manner that does not regard sexual orientation.”