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Arizona shoppers paying more for groceries by over 6 percent

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — Prices may be down at the pump in Arizona, but not at the grocery store checkout line.

Julie Murphree with the Arizona Farm Bureau found this past quarter that consumers paid an average of 6.5 percent more on groceries. The biggest culprit was protein.

“Sirloin roast showed the largest price increase, up $1.67,” she said, “and then some of the other items that increased were your deli ham. Salad mix was also up, and flour was up.”

When meat prices rise, it off sets the survey Murphree said, “because they are the bulk of the survey total.”

Of the 16 items surveyed in Arizona, seven decreased, eight increased and one remained the same compared to the 2015 second quarter survey.

In Arizona, off-the-shelf prices for milk showed the greatest decrease in price down 55 cents to $2.42 a gallon; eggs were down 55 cents to $2.42 a dozen; white bread down 9 cents to $1.11 for a 20-ounce loaf; ground chuck down 6 cents to $4.09 a pound; bacon dropped 4 cents to $4.44 a pound; and potatoes were down 1 cent to $2.67 for a 5-pound bag.

Off-the-shelf prices for other items went down: milk dropped the most, down 55 cents to $2.42 a gallon.

Murphree predicted grocery stores will begin offering holiday discounts on protein products five to seven days before Thanksgiving.

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