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Bottles and bros and lions, oh my! YouTube group performs ‘Lion King’ with bottles

Ever dream about being whisked away to a dream land full of baths, bros, bottles and songs from the hit Disney movie “The Lion King?”

Well, do we have the perfect video for you!

The popular YouTube sensation Bottle Boys recently posted a video of them recreating “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from “The Lion King” — using only bottles.

Surrounded by fluffy robes, face masks and even a sauna, this video makes you feel like you’ve been whisked away to a fantastic dream land.

Where did they go to film this luxurious video, you may ask? Oh, only Ni’mat Spa at the Hilton Hotel — in Copenhagen.

The group wrote that they chose the song to perform due to the fact that it is one of their favorites in the entire Disney lineup.

“It has a cool swingy feel to it with a great, almost walking bass line, which rendered percussion instruments unnecessary!” the video’s description read. “One of the side effects of this was, that none of us had to use headracks with fewer bottles in them, so we could keep the nice and full harmonies of the original’s vocal arrangement!”

We just can’t wait to hear more of the tunes the Bottle Boys have for us!

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