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Arizona State University researchers using technology to stop ISIS propaganda online

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — Researchers at Arizona State University are trying to stop the spread of ISIS propaganda online.

Data analysts at the university have developed a project called the CyberSocio Intelligent-Systems Laboratory — CySIS for short.

Dr. Paulo Shakarian, professor at ASU’s School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering, said the project will aim to use technology to track the popularity of social media posts.

“The goal is to develop technology tools that have a high impact in these cyber security social media analytics and general analytical support for security applications,” he said.

Shakarian works at the CySIS Lab to develop techniques to identify social media posts that have the potential to go viral online.

“The reason is simple: (ISIS) takes an approach to social media where they are trying a bunch of different things, they have a lot of people using social media and they are producing a lot,” Shakarian said.

According to Shakarian, if CySIS can identify and stop ISIS social media posts from ISIS becoming widespread across the internet, the terrorist group’s impact will be limited.

He said he hopes the work ASU researchers are doing within CySIS will play a role in bringing down ISIS.

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