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Arizona’s 1st medical pot dispensary opens

LISTEN: Bill Myer, Owner of Arizona Organix

PHOENIX — Two years after Arizona voters approved the use of medical marijuana, the state’s first dispensary opened Thursday morning.

Arizona Organix in Glendale opened its doors to medical- marijuana patients at 10 a.m. Medical marijuana attorney Ryan Hurley with Rose Law Group said this historic moment has been a long time coming.

“The battle started over a decade ago with the first vote and here we are two years after the voter approval. We’re finally moving forward. It’s a good day.”

The opening of Arizona Organix is just the beginning. About 100 other dispensaries are waiting for the go-ahead.

Earlier this week, an Arizona state judge ruled that the medical marijuana law
here doesn’t usurp federal drug laws, clearing the way for the Glendale
dispensary and others to open. State and Maricopa County prosecutors said they
planned to appeal.

“They have to be open by next August. You will see a handful of dispensaries opening in the new few weeks and then a steady stream after that,” Hurley said.

Mike Gonzalez of Glendale was the first patient to arrive at Arizona Organix. He has tumors in his neck.

“It’s too risky for surgery so it helps control the growth of the tumor,” he said.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this,” said Charles Everett, 56, a
musician who said he was assaulted and robbed about eight years, leading to a
broken femur and ongoing chronic pain.

“I don’t like to depend on prescription narcotics,” Everett said. “It’s a great day for Democracy.”

Arizona Organix is cash only. Owner Bill Myer said that’s because the banks he has dealt with don’t want any part of the controversy over federal vs. state marijuana laws.

“The banks won’t allow me to deposit my cash. I can’t take credit cards because there’s nowhere to funnel the cash. I had about $200,000 in a pair of banks and they made me pull all of that money out,” he said.

Myer jokingly said he will deliver the cash to the Arizona Revenue Department in a wheelbarrow.

He plans to keep the dispensary open at least 10 hours a day, seven days a week.

“If you need medicine on Christmas Day, come and get it,” Myer said.

Associated Press contributed to this article.

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