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Electrician selling pieces of Biltmore Hotel

Imagine owning a piece of the historic Biltmore Hotel.

Veteran Valley electrician David Specht, of Cirtcele Electric said he can help make it happen. A few years ago, his company was selected to do upgrades to the ballroom, at which time he was able to salvage 15 custom wall sconces.

After holding on to the fixtures for some time, he’s decided to make them available to the public. Each comes with a relatively hefty price tag of $500.

“They’re unique, they’re definitely unique,” said Specht. “A lot of people come out just to golf and they can take one of these and hang it in their bar and say, ‘This hung in the Biltmore and when I was a kid,'” he added.

The fixtures are large. Made of multicolored glass, they stand about 36 inches tall and are about 15 inches wide.