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Report: Arizona teachers average for days missed

When it comes to missing school, Arizona teachers are slightly better than average.

According to a report, about one-third of Arizona teachers miss more than 10 school days per year.

The author of “Teacher Absence as a Leading Indicator of Student Achievement” said Arizona’s 34.1 percent rate is likely due to the relatively high number of charter schools in the state and generally less-permissive policies in Western states.

The author of the report later said that the 10-day figure is arbitrary because policies for teachers taking time off varies by school. He added that his report was meant to spark further research on the topic.

Overall, Rhode Island led the way nationwide with 50 percent of teachers taking at least 10 days off per year, followed by Hawaii, Arkansas, Oregon and New Mexico. On the opposite end, only 20 percent of Utah teachers took off 10 days or more with South Dakota, Delaware, Florida and North Dakota rounding out the bottom five, respectively.

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