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Party planner: Ease off booze at holiday work parties

It’s the season where some office workers have a little too much fun at holiday parties, something one Valley party planner said happens a bit too often.

Some typically tame co-workers can turn into hell on wheels and lose their inhibitions with too many drinks, usually fueling some crazy behavior.

“They get a little wild,” said Susan Cope, a party planner for Fabulous Food in Phoenix. “People getting a little too drunk usually happens or a lot too drunk.”

Cope has seen some crazy incidents at work-related holiday parties.

“Things get out of control,” she said. “We’ve definitely seen some walk-in situations of things we shouldn’t have seen.”

In one case, Cope said somebody brought a pack of dogs to the party. They escaped and her staff chased them down.

If you’re going to drink at the company party, Cope said to stick to your limit. Too much booze has wrecked many office relationships and cost jobs.

Cope said those planning to drink should average one drink per hour.

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