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Arizona-Nevada border shop sees Powerball boost

Business has been very good for Lynda Ducas, co-owner of Arizona Last Stop the past few days.

Her service station and bar, about 30 miles southeast of Boulder City on US 93, has been packed with Powerball jackpot hopefuls.

It’s a pit stop for thousands of Arizonans who are heading to Sin City but it’s also a close place for Nevada residents to get a shot at winning the multimillion dollar Powerball jackpot.

Ducas said that, since Thursday, people have been lining up at 6 a.m. and the line has grown to at least 500 people.

“Right now, the line goes through the gift shop and out the door and then some,” she said.

Ducas said the people in line have waited up to 90 minutes for their $2 dollar chance at wealth. Everyone has been quiet, patient and friendly.

“I watch them, they’re bonding in line,” she said.