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Keep holidays enjoyable, follow simple safety tips

PHOENIX — With the holiday season under way, Valley fire departments are reminding people of some simple safety procedures that will keep the coming days enjoyable.

Chief among the threats to happy holidays are home fire hazards. People light candles then forget about them.

“People could light their candles and let them go discarded without paying attention or falling asleep while they’re burning,” said Phoenix Fire Capt. Rich Bauer.

Bauer is also concerned about the use of backyard fire pits.

“The fire pits are a concern if people get a little lackadaisical and throw too much wood in, or have too much to drink and fall in,” said Bauer. “It does happen.”

But he said the biggest fire hazard is the Christmas tree. “Letting them dry out, or putting too many lights on them can be a fire hazard,” Bauer said.

“Make sure your lights are in working order. Make sure they are UL-tested, and make sure you don’t have too many hooked together.”

Bauer is also reminding celebrants not to drink and drive. Have a designated driver.