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Vegetarians can bring a lot to Turkey Day table

With recipes on the Internet and pre-packaged foods at grocery stores it’s easier than ever to cater to vegetarian guests at Thanksgiving.

Hosts in doubt should ask their vegetarians guests to bring their favorite foods along. Phoenix dietician Christine Hicks said having a vegetarian in the group can add variety to the dinner table.

“They’re going to be the best source for what they eat and don’t eat,” Hicks said.

There are many types of vegetarians. It’s important to know if the guest can eat dairy and eggs as well.
But the bottom line, said Hicks, is that a vegetarian diet can add something special to the menu.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for the other guests at the table to try something new that they’ve never tried before,” Hicks said.

Many side dishes are already vegetarian.
And remember not to use meat flavoring or cook stuffing inside the turkey.