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St. Mary’s Food Bank looking for strong push in turkey donations

Every year families in Arizona are helped by the St. Mary’s Food Bank, especially with turkeys at Thanksgiving.

More than 1,600 holiday food boxes were distributed from the Knight Transportation Client Services Center on Tuesday, bringing the total for the last two days to more than 3,000 boxes.

The number of turkeys given out in the last week is now upwards of 5,000. The food bank is still in need of about 800 turkeys to reach their goal of 7,000.

The need for turkeys is up 10 percent from this time last year.

“We’re very far behind [and] the big concern right now is with the amount of people we’re seeing the first two days, [Wednesday] we might not have enough turkeys to give away,” said food bank spokesman Jerry Brown.

There are people who used to donate who now need help, according to Brown.

Donations can be dropped off at St. Mary’s Food Bank or online at