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Arizona BBB warns against ATM scammers

During the holidays, scammers use ATMs in an attempt to steal both money and identities from unsuspecting consumers, the Arizona Better Business Bureau said.

One way thieves steal information is by mounting tiny cameras on stand-alone ATMs.

“We recommend going to an ATM that is located within a bank location or branch,” said Myriam Cruz with the Arizona BBB. “Try not to use the stand-alone ATMs that are poorly lit or they’re away from the stores or where consumers normally transit.”

Thieves also can replace the ATM PIN pad with a false one.

“If it doesn’t look right, just give it a wiggle to see if it’s loose,” said Cruz, adding that the proper PIN pad will fit snugly.

In addition to covering the PIN when entering the number, Cruz said consumers should keep a close eye on their statements and contact their bank if they notice anything out of the ordinary.