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Super early birds line up in Arizona for Black Friday

GOODYEAR, Ariz. — Some holiday shoppers in the Valley have already started lining up for Black Friday discounts.

Mike Bernardi set up a tent outside on Sunday outside of the Best Bbuy near Interstate 10 and Litchfield Road.

“I got a couple of chairs, sleeping bag, sleeping pad. I’m still waiting for my air mattress to get here,” Bernardi said. “I’ve got a TV and an antenna.”

It’s Bernardi’s 13th year camping outside of stores the week leading up to Black Friday.

This time he has company.

Steven and Edgar set up their tent right next to Bernardo.
“We do not stay here 24/7. We definitely can go home and take a shower,” Steven said.

The guys plan to cook up a Thanksgiving meal on Thursday for anybody who stops by.