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Use common sense when deep-frying turkey

There’s almost nothing better than deep fried turkey on Thanksgiving but firefighters deal with emergencies every year because people were careless.

With Turkey Day only a week away, Phoenix Fire offered some facts and safety tips.

There are 150,000 cooking-related structure fires each year in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control, cooking is the main cause of house fires.

With turkey frying, Capt. Jonathan Jacobs said the oil boils at 350 degrees and can cause second- and third- degree burns to a person in addition to house fires.

He said one of the biggest mistake people make is overfilling the fryer with oil, which spills over and catches fire from the burner.

Another error in judgment is dropping a frozen turkey into the fryer.

“Unthawed turkeys react violently with the oil,” he said. They explode.

Fryers should be set up in an open area — nothing above or around it that could catch fire.