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Report shows child suicides on the rise

Although the number of child related deaths have declined in the last six years, a new report showed an increase in suicides.

The Arizona Department of Health Services 19th Annual Child Fatality Review Report showed 39 children died in 2011 by suicide compared to 24 children in 2010.

Although Arizona has had 30 percent fewer child fatalities since 2005, a reported total of 837 children in 2011 died.

The report also showed that 94 percent of the 32 drowning death in 2011 were preventable.

From the 16 fatalities of this year, nine had no prior Child Protective Services reports. It was also reported that 14 of the 71 maltreatment cases in 2011 were never reported to CPS.

The report highlights community recommendations to reduce the number of children that die in Arizona.