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ASU students organize campus-smoking ban protest

As Arizona State University students prepare for a tobacco-free campus next August, a group of students is hoping to stop it.

According to a statement from Students for Liberty, groups from across the Valley, including ASU and Scottsdale Community College, will gather at the main campus student union for the Smoking Ban Protest/Anti-Nanny event.

“We believe we should be treated like adults and not be babied or nannied by the administration or in this case, it’s the Senate for the school that passed this measure with very little student input,” said Carlos Alfaro with Students for Liberty.

Alfaro said he understands the dangers of smoking, but the almost unilateral decision has ripped away students’ rights to make their own choices.

The group is asking that smoking areas remain on all campuses.

Protesters will be handing out free cigarettes as part of the protest.