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Over 500K uncounted ballots remain in Arizona

Over 500,000 early and provisional ballots are still uncounted in Arizona, Sec. of State Ken Bennett said in a release.

Of the 524,633 ballots remaining, 219,703 early ballots and 120,000 provisional ballots are from Maricopa County.

Some groups have become frustrated by the process and have questioned why the ballots have taken so long to be counted, especially given several neck-and-neck races.

“In all candor, I think they’re very focused on one of the countywide races here in Maricopa County,” said Bennett. “They want to make sure all the ballots are counted as soon as they can and that’s the same goal we have.”

Bennett said the process to count all the ballots could take up to 12 days to complete.

The state received about 5 percent of its votes from provisional ballots in 2012, the same amount as it did in 2008 and that has had no effect on the process.

“We’ll count all the ballots as quickly as we can but the focus is going to be accuracy,” said Bennett.

A state canvass to certify election results is scheduled for Dec. 3.