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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer releases statement on Loughner sentencing

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s office released the following statement on Thursday after Jared Loughner was sentenced for a 2011 Tucson shooting that killed six and left many wounded, including former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

During the sentencing, the judge called for a further review of gun control laws, as did several victims.

The below statement has not been altered in any way.

“The Governor has long anticipated today. Like all Arizonans, she has looked forward to this time when justice would finally be served for our friends and neighbors killed or injured on that terrible January day in Tucson nearly two years ago.

Governor Brewer knew some of the victims. She considers Gabby Giffords a friend, and has prayed for her recovery and that of the others wounded in the shooting. On this solemn occasion, Governor Brewer isn’t interested in engaging in politics.

This is a day of justice and peace. Governor Brewer wishes both for the victims and their families.”