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Should politics be discussed at work?

The impending election is a topic you probably won’t be able to avoid, but is it a conversation to be had at work?

“Politics, like other things, is an emotional topic,” said Paul Spiegalman, an employee morale specialist. “Whether it’s politics or religion, there are things that are comfortable for people and things that are not.”

According to a recent survey by Careerbuilder of more than 4,100 workers, most workers stay clear of talking about their favorite political candidate around the water cooler.

Sixty-six percent said they choose not to disclose their political affiliation at work.

One explanation for the secrecy is the fear of job loss.

“They feel like if they don’t have an opinion that lines up with other people’s or even their own boss that they might be putting their position or job at risk,” said Spieglman.

According to Spieglman, talking politics at work it is a personal choice and if all parties are interested and willing.