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Sandy affecting seafood shipments to Phoenix

If seafood sounds like a good idea for dinner this week, call ahead. Superstorm Sandy has been slowing down shipments to local restaurants.

The storm has hit the fishing industry hard, demolishing docks and capsizing boats along the northeast coast. As a result, some Valley restaurants aren’t getting their usual amount of seafood from back east.

“We get scallops from the north coast of Massachusetts,” said Eddie Matney, who owns Eddie’s House in Scottsdale. “They just informed us that scallops are going to be scarce for the next few days because they couldn’t fish.”

Matney said he’s relying on the West Coast more so this week to provide a lot of the fish for his restaurant.
“It is going to take a few days to bounce back. So we have to definitely make adjustments, but it’s about being resourceful.”

Matney said the number of shipments from the East Coast should be back to normal by next week.