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ASU students eager to cast first votes for president

TEMPE, Ariz. — Many Valley college students will get to vote for the first time in this presidential election.

At a Get Out the Vote rally at Arizona State University on Wednesday, many students said they are glad that they are old enough to vote.

One of them is Jordan Tygh. “I finally get a voice,” Tygh said. “Four years ago, I campaigned for John McCain, but I didn’t get a choice. Now I actually get a choice and I can actually make a choice and feel good about myself.”

He’s voting for Mitt Romney, as is another student, Kyle Gutting.

Gutting got to vote in 2008 … sort of. “My mom gave me her ballot and asked me what she should vote for,” Gutting said. “That’s the only way I was able to put in my voice before. This year I actually get to vote.”

Rosalina Hernandez can’t wait to vote, either.

“I’ve always been active in politics, but I’ve never been able to finally make my vote count,” Hernandez said. “This year, I will make my vote count.”

Hernandez’s vote will count for President Obama.

“I just feel like I can agree more with what he says. He’s always followed along with what he says and goes through with it,” Hernandez said. “I feel like Romney has these views and kind of changes them, and goes flip flop.”

Tygh said there are several reasons he’s voting for Romney.

“I’m unequivocally pro-life, as is Romney. I think the Obama administration is one of the most radically pro-choice administrations that we’ve had in years. Probably since the Carter administration.”

Tygh is also impressed with Romney’s business experience.

“Mitt Romney as CEO of Bain Capital — his whole job there was taking failing companies, advising them, and making them successful again. Wouldn’t you want someone like that running our country?”