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Bite down: Mesa dentist making fangs for Halloween

MESA, Ariz. — Braces, fillings, crowns — these are the usuals for dentists. At the Mountain View Family Dentistry, add fangs for a limited time only.

“We take an impression. We make a model of your teeth so that we can, in the laboratory, make these artistic, custom made fangs,” said Dr. Shayne Guffey.

“Then, when you return, we have you place them in there [your mouth], show you how they fit, make any adjustments we need to, and make sure they stay in place. It’s really that simple.”

Guffey said a lot of wannabe vamps are getting fitted for fangs to get ready for Halloween and the upcoming premiere of the new “Breaking Dawn”, the second part of the final installment of the “Twilight” movies.

The cost is a $50 donation designated for a group called Sharing Down Syndrome.

“They’re all about helping kids and families who have Down Syndrome children,” said Guffey. “In the holiday season, they put out a lot of resources to try and help those families.”

Fangs are available until Nov. 16, the day of the movie’s release in theaters.

To schedule an appointment, call (480) 830-0262. Mountain View Family Dentistry is located at 2820 E. University Drive.

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