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Libertarian: 3rd-party voting will determine presidency

PHOENIX — Libertarian Barry Hess said third-party candidate Ross Perot had an impact on the presidential race in 1992, Ralph Nader affected the 2000 race, and that third-party candidates will have even more of an impact this November.

“President Obama will win re-election because of the Gary Johnson factor (former New Mexico Governor and Libertarian candidate) and then you have the Ron Paul supporters and that will have a significant impact. More so than Perot pulled out in 1992.”

Johnson was not allowed to take part in the presidential debates despite suing to get on the stage.

Hess believes his party and other political parties have more clout now because more Americans are increasingly frustrated with the two-party system.

“There is no national focus. Nobody seems to know who America is. There’s no underlying foundation from Obama or Romney on which they can agree.”

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