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Haunted houses go high-tech to produce thrills

PHOENIX — The Nest Haunted House is offering personalized terror this Halloween season.

“The Nest is already a very, very, very scary haunted house and with this added part, the fright factor is over the top,” said the attraction’s producer, Steve Kopelman.

According to information on the company’s website, “The nest is the most technologically advanced haunted house in the world. It utilizes digital sound, DMX lighting, over 15 computers, and this year introduces RFID technology.”

“When you go into, say for example, our graveyard, it’s your name and your date of birth on the headstones,” said Kopelman.

The attraction has also integrated the use of social media. Stored pictures from Facebook are incorporated for the experience. “You walk into a room, their picture could be on the wall and zombified,” said Kopelman.

“I know that if we know who the patron is, they get so much, you know, more scared,” Kopelman added.

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