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More quints born at Mesa hospital

PHOENIX — Another set of quintuplets has been delivered at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa.

Meryl Ferraro, 39, delivered three girls and two boys. Ferraro arrived in Mesa from southern California during her 23rd week of pregnancy to receive care from Dr. John Elliott, an internationally recognized expert in multiple births.

Ferraro and her husband said they turned to Elliott after receiving pessimistic reports from other doctors.

After Ferraro underwent emergency surgery during her 17th week, Elliott said he didn’t think all five babies would be delivered.

“There is no way these babies should be here today,” he said. “I don’t use the term loosely, but these babies are miracles.”

The Ferraro babies, Gabrielle, Riley, Addison, Cooper and Emerson, are doing well and should go home within a month.

“I actually lost count,” said Ferraro. “I thought after four we were done, but there was one more.”

Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa has delivered two sets of out-of-state quintuplets in the past three weeks. A North Carolina couple had quints there Sept. 4.

Elliott has delivered more than 100 sets of quadruplets, 14 sets of quintuplets, and two sets of sextuplets.