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Ticket scams could await Bieber concertgoers

PHOENIX — Anyone still looking to buy tickets for the Justin Bieber concert at arena Saturday night, beware of scams.

Bieber will kick off his “Believe” tour in the Valley in front of about 14,000 screaming fans. The show sold out the day tickets went on sale, said Santiago.

The situation is a scammer’s paradise.

“Be careful if you’re purchasing tickets from the secondary market,” Santiago said. “Buyer beware. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

If people decide to surf the web for tickets, they should stay away from Craigslist, Santiago said.

“Our recommendation would be to look at sites such as, which offers a buyer’s guarantee,” Santiago said.

“Look for the hard tickets printed by Ticketmaster. People that are printing out tickets at home could photocopy those, and that’s a big scam that a lot of scalpers will run.”

If people don’t buy from a site like or Ticketmaster, they’re buying at their own risk, Santiago said.