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Car dealership’s potential move stirs controversy

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The proposed move of a longtime Valley car dealership is stirring controversy.

After being in business for nearly 50 years at Third Avenue and Indian School Road in Phoenix, the owners of Phoenix Motor Company want to move to Scottsdale.

The Mercedes Benz dealership would take over the Highland Park office building near Scottsdale Road and Highland Avenue in 2014, but not everyone is thrilled with the idea.

“It’s an absolutely inappropriate use for this piece of property,” said Erika Hanson, president of Sarkis Manor Homeowners Association.

Sarkis Manor is adjacent to the property where the dealership would be.

Hanson said Phoenix Motor Company would bring bright lights and 24-hour noise to the area.

“The trucks come in when the traffic is slower,” said Hanson. “Anywhere between one and five in the morning, you’ll have semi-trucks bringing cars into the dealership.”

Hanson said that 60 percent of the residents are against the dealership in the neighborhood, but Jason Rose, a spokesman for Phoenix Motor Company, said that’s not true.

“We have over 90 people who have signed petitions in support,” said Rose. “While there may be a few people who have questions about it, far and away the response has been outstanding to Mercedes relocating to downtown Scottsdale.”

The owners of Phoenix Motor Company plan to meet with potential neighbors on Thursday.