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Jeff Flake: Replacement NFL referees ‘need help’

LISTEN: Lunch with Karie and Chuck - Congressman Jeff Flake

The sports world is uniting to get rid of the NFL replacement referees, and Rep. Jeff Flake has joined the cause.

The officials were in the spotlight Tuesday after a blown call that led to the Seattle Seahawks dropping the Green Bay Packers on a last-second “catch” that looked an awful lot like an interception.

“Talk about a comedy of errors,” Flake told News/Talk 92.3 KTAR’s Karie & Chuck. “From the missed interference call to how in the world you could see that as a catch for a touchdown, I just don’t know.”

Flake added that the referees need help, badly, but laughed when asked if there was going to be a Congressional investigation.

“That’s always been so pathetic,” he said. “Congress concerning itself in steroid stuff and everything else, but that’s not what I see happening.”

Flake said he hopes the officials solve the labor dispute soon.